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The Banana Festival is very family-focused, with a great Kids Zone. Many of the activities are free! Activities included:


  • Banana-themed art projects.

  • A&E Air Jumpers

  • A game station.

  • Performances by characters.

  • Banana storytelling.

  • Banana mural painting.

  • Banana chill placemaking space.

  • A children's stage.


Kids can meet a variety of reptiles from the Reptile Family. Still, please note there are a wide variety of ticketed mazes, slides, and a toddler bounce house, bungee bounce opportunities that cost a small fee. 

Free Art Engagement Activities

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Kids Zone Activities

A&E Air
A&E Air 3
A&E 6
A&E Air 2
A&E Air 5


Entertainment for everyone!


Great Food & Banana Treats
The Banana Festival Food Pavillon and Court features a wide range of dishes including delicious empanadas, Banana Bean Pies, Banana Pudding, frozen chocolate-covered bananas, banana splits, and funnel cakes.  Enjoy at least one Banana Food item or more from each Banana food vendor.  Plus ice cold banana beer, banana wine, banana soft drinks, and banana margaritas to refresh your spirit at the Banana Festival Food Pavilion! 

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  • Banana Pancakes 

  • Banana Bean Pies 

  • Banana Caramel Cupcakes 

  • Banana Cream Pie 

  • Banana Ice Cream 

  • Banana S’mores 

  • Banana Pudding 

  • Banana Ginger Pudding 

  • Banana Cake 

  • Banana Cookies 

  • Banana Cheese Cake 

  • Banana Empanadas 

  • Banana Split 

  • Chocolate Covered Bananas 

  • Banana Mango Guacamole

  • and Chips 

  • Banana 7 Up 

  • Plaintain Bananas 

  • Fried Banana Fritters with

  • Caramel, Hot Fudge, and

  • Whip Cream 

  • Banana Funnel Cakes

  • Banana Lumpia 

  • Banana Nut, Pecan, and Toffee Bread 

  • Banana Glazed Turkey Rolls 

  • Banana Republican 

  • Banana Street Tacos 

  • Banana Chicken Sausage Kabobs 

  • Banana Caramel Nachos 

  • Banana Beignets ​

  • Banana Bar will include:

  • Banana Cocktails

  • Banana Wine 

  • Banana Beer 



We are happy to announce our annual Banana festival competition categories. 


Please feel free to pick one or participate in all of them. 

  • Banana Eating Contest 

  • Banana Pie Eating Contest 

  • Banana Chief Competition 

  • Banana Photography Contest 

  • Banana Hat Competition 

  • Banana Bake Competition 

  • Youth Banana Art Contest

  • Children Banana Pageant Competition 

  • Banana Got Served Youth Talent Show 

  • Banana miniature parade floats

  • Banana Festival Kiddie Parade 

  • Best Dressed Banana Doggy Costume Photo Contest


Guest will be delighted with the vendor Arts & Craft Marketplace selling Banana Soap, handmade crafts, wooden art, jewelry, kids’ stuff, plus specialty clothing, and more. Please don't forget to visit the Banana store and get your 2024 Banana festival t-shirt. 

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